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Welcome to D&K Accounting – we specialise in helping small business owners just like you. Perhaps you’re a website development company, or maybe a consultant or a business coach. Whatever your niche, we understand the challenges you face; long hours, relentless pitches, tight cashflows and all the while, a steady squeeze on your entrepreneurial juice.

We recognise the complexities that come with such a diverse and unpredictable business. Understanding first-hand the struggles; we get that ‘famine and feast’ way of life – and have the creative skills to navigate your financials, tailoring and nurturing them to your advantage. From tax returns to VAT, we’ll make your accounts work for you, maximising income, minimising tax bills and leaving yourself free to live your life and crank the creative flow!


Profit First is a Cash flow system. It is not accounting or bookkeeping but a cash flow methodology/systems.

We all know that having the right systems are key for a business to prosper and grow.  Yet when you ask your accountant what is the cash flow system they use in their business, or what is the cash flow system they implement in their customers’ business you get a blank stare.  Or you get the “you sell sell sell, manage your expenses and what is left over you pay yourself with”. If you ever hear that run for the hills.

This is what makes us different and better! We implement in our own business as well as our customer’s business a cash flow methodology that ensures our customers are:

1)  paying themselves first if not more,

2) we ensure that our customers have the proper VAT and are not reaching into savings to pay the government

3) and we FOCUS on generating a Profit! Why because with a PROFIT, our customers pay down debt, celebrate the health of their company or hire to grow! 

We architect each customer’s cash flow to not only alleviate the pains but achieve the wants.

What makes us so special?

Melding professionalism, and razor-sharp accountancy skills with genuine human connection; we pride ourselves in our approach. Our personability has levelled many preconceived, ‘number-crunching robot’ accountant stereotype doubts. Moreover, our multitude of longstanding and satisfied clients is a testament to our service, with many of them viewing us an extension of their business.

We’re passionate about helping creatives and small firms to realise their business dreams; teaching contemporary money savviness, and aiding them in attaining that elusive work-life balance. We are innovative problem solvers with a penchant for creative accountancy and fresh thinking.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can streamline your accounting, prepare you for the future and achieve your business goals. For a natter about where to begin, go to the ‘Contact Us’ section or click the ‘Let’s Have A Chat’ button below to arrange a date and time. We look forward to meeting you.



Cloud Accounting

Using our cloud accounting platform, whether blogging on a Barbadian beach or filming in the Andes, you’re privy to business performance updates – 24 /7. As we’re Quickbooks Platinum ProAdvisors (ninja level), we’ve got you. We’ll help you decode the numbers and translate it into ‘money-making machine’ material.  

*We recently partnered with Receiptbank, who’ve turned paper invoice storage into ancient history. Now, an e-statement can be uploaded, eliminating waste (https://www.receipt-bank.com/uk/).

Annual Accounts

With our comprehensive cloud accounting service, we compile monthly, quarterly and yearly account statements for you. Our annual account statements are HMRC compliant. We’ll take away the headache of your financials, and guide you towards a more profitable future.


We’ll manage the financial ‘paper work’ of your company, helping you maintain control of your creditors and debtors; leaving you in a state of accountancy Nirvana. As your dedicated Bookkeepers, we’ll be available for support, troubleshooting and business guidance.


Let us take a job off your hands – payroll is the death of free time. We offer a full payroll service, helping to determine employee salaries, tax, NI, pension and other deductions; leaving you open to living your life. We also help with real-time HMRC submissions and assist with CIS preparation and presentation.

Tax Returns

Providing all the information required; we make tax returns easy. As tax advisors, we’ll also help manage your tax to maximise business efficiency. We’ll even give a relaxing foot massage at the end (Joking!  You won’t need it because we do all the work). Moreover, our client CRM will ensure you never miss a deadline; sending email reminders regarding when your payments are due.

VAT Returns

We use top-end accounting software to capture your VAT data automatically; this information serves to complete a quarterly VAT return. We’ll assist you in filing the return with HMRC, and in paying VAT due. Leaving no stone unturned, we’ll help you reclaim your funds owed.


10 KPIs A Business Owner Should Constantly Be Monitoring

As a business owner, you’ll probably be able to appreciate that one of the most vital things to keep an eye on is your finances. Money is not only what makes the world go around but also keeps businesses trading and our industries alive. So, as a business owner, you can’t just passively look at your finance but rather you need to keep constantly measuring them.

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A brief guide to setting up
your own business

Being self-employed and your own boss is an increasingly popular option for modern, skilled workers. In fact, self-employment is at its highest rate for over 40 years, with 15% of UK workers have taken
the leap and set up shop on their own.

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A – Z of Business Expenses

As a business owner, it is key that you know exactly what your tax allowable businesses expenses are and how you can claim back on these. This way, you’re saving yourself hundreds or potentially thousands of pounds each year that can be spent on other areas of the business.

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Profit First by Mike Michalowicz


This practical workbook can help small-business owners improve their companies. The core of entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz’s advice is self-evident: If you pay yourself and the government first – in profit, salary and taxes – you have to run your business with what’s left.

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Both Certified Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisors and Xero Advisors, our work takes us across Bawtry, Westwoodside, Epworth, Doncaster, and the surrounding areas.

With over a decade of experience using Sage Line 50 accounting software and more recently specialising in Quickbooks and Xero; our industry know-how will relieve you of bookkeeping stress, free up valuable time and redirect your profits into your pockets. We’ll also ensure you are Tax Digital Compliant.


Daniel Edwards is a fellow of the Association of Accounting Technicians. He is a Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisor and a staunch advocate for moving with the times and committing to all advancements in accounting technology. Dan is all about retrofitting your bookkeeping processes and streamlining by employing the latest devices, techniques and technologies.


Katherine Rowell Dip PFS is a fully qualified Financial Adviser; she sits at the helm of all investment, pension, mortgage or insurance issues. Katherine, with many strings to her monetary bow, also provides an estate planning service. Her skills are myriad. Numbers are her passion, as is supporting you in achieving business prosperity.





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