The car salesman

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In today’s Tales from the Accountant’s Office we have the story of the car salesman.

Now I don’t wish to tarnish all car salesmen with the same brush as I’m sure there are plenty of good, decent ones around.  However, there is a worrying sentence that I hear oh so often.

“The salesman said……”

Let’s look at the facts, bottom line if I may. A car salesman’s job is to sell you a lovely new car with all its bells and whistles.

Unfortunately, in the majority, they don’t know what the tax implications are of buying that new car and, let’s be honest, once you have bought your new car and driven off the forecourt, they probably couldn’t give a flying fig.

Personally, I am not a massive advocate of buying a car through a limited company as it can overly complicate both your business and personal tax affairs.  There are ways to purchase a car and have your company pay for its business use that are far simpler.

Either way before you buy, SPEAK TO YOUR ACCOUNTANT!!!

‘Of course you would say that’, I hear you cry. ‘You charge for those calls’ you mutter.

You’d be wrong, we don’t charge for our telephone conversations and in all honesty a ten minute call could save me a boatload of work and you a wad of money come the end of the tax year.

So, if you are looking to buy a car through your business pick up the phone, drop me a text or send me an email. Please!!  It could save you so much in time and money in the long run.

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